Casino Etiquette – 8 things to avoid

Casino Etiquette – 8 things to avoid

Expect respect and show respect


For a casino, every guest is valuable. Without them, this business would not exist. But remember that the patience of your hosts and their hospitality has its limits. Even if it’s not your day and fortune clearly isn’t in your favour, remember that it’s not the croupier’s fault. It is therefore pointless to take out your frustrations on the people who are there to serve you and make your game more enjoyable.

Blaming the casino staff for your gaming failures may seem like a good way to release tension, but trust us… Even if you feel better for a moment, that feeling will disappear after just a few moments. And you will end up standing in front of the casino entrance with the irresistible feeling that you have made a complete idiot of yourself.

Not all jokes are funny

Having a sense of humour is something to be proud of and to be cherished, but don’t forget that not every joke will please the casino staff. Although you can talk and laugh as much as you like during the game, try not to bring up topics such as:

  • Counting cards;
  • Stealing chips;
  • Playing in partnership with other players;
  • Having an affair with the croupier;
  • Wanting to carry out a coup after losing.

If you keep these few sensitive topics in mind, your jokes are sure to make you the star of the night in any casino.

It’s a casino, not a pawn shop

You’ve probably heard that players with VIP status often have lines of credit open at casinos. If they lose more than they currently have on them, the casino will happily lend them money to continue playing. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this option is only available to the wealthiest customers who are regulars at the casinos. If you’ve just gone broke, don’t count on a loan from the casino. Take this as a sign that it’s time to go home.

Trying to pawn your grandfather’s watch at the teller window will also be of no use. Casinos accept many payment options, such as cash, credit cards and even cheques, but they are not pawn shops and will not accept any ‘fancy goods’ in exchange for chips.

Don’t be nosy

angry woman

There’s nothing wrong with cutting a chit-chat with other players. You may find new friends and maybe even the love of your life while playing slots. However, if you are looking for a nice chat and not a slap in the face, avoid asking your neighbour about his/her profit and loss balance.

There’s no guarantee that such questions will anger the person playing next to you, but if fortune doesn’t play in their favour, you might get a less than pleasant answer.

Don’t walk out with cash

We keep our fingers crossed that every one of our members wins millions in the casino. Every day someone somewhere hits a huge jackpot. If this kind of luck happens to you and you suddenly become much richer, think about not taking cash. Consider a safer method of withdrawing your winnings.

Any casino will happily send your winnings to your account so you don’t have to leave the casino escorted by security guards. You can also take a cheque, which will be much safer than roaming around town with a suitcase full of money.

No more betting

Although the casino staff go to great lengths to accommodate the wishes of their guests, sometimes you’ll just have to obey the orders they give you. Remember to always obey the commands given by the croupier. If in the middle of the game you hear: “No more bets” (No more bets), this means you are no longer allowed to bet.

Do not try to place any bets after this command, as they will be reversed and will not count, even if the number you specified is called.

Do not advise

All of us sometimes look at other players and think to ourselves, “What is he doing?” Sometimes you will notice people playing in a very strange way. Even if you know that such a game will not profit your neighbour, refrain from giving him “good” advice. Most players do not want to listen to them. They just want to play the way they like and enjoy it.

On the other hand, don’t get upset when someone gives you advice. If you don’t want to follow or even listen to such advice, don’t get upset and say something like: “Thanks for the advice, but I prefer to play my own way”. There is no reason to get into a discussion.

Play for fun, not for money

Our last point could also be the first. This is a basic rule that every casino-goer should stick to.

When you go to have fun in a casino, your main concern should be to have fun.

Remember that every casino game is a game of chance. There are no systems that will guarantee you a win. Therefore, remember that you can lose when you enter a casino. Only spend what you can afford to spend on the game. If you lose, it must not affect your standard of living.

Above, we have given you what we believe to be the 10 most important points to remember when having a good time in a casino. Some of them were about etiquette, others refer to common sense. It’s up to you if you want to follow them. But we can assure you that it certainly won’t hurt you.

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