People have different perceptions of Italy. For some people, the first thing that comes to mind is great cuisine, for others, it’s great nature and cities. Of course, we must also mention its rich culture and exquisite art. Truth is, Italy is all these things and more. Ever since ancient times, the Apennines were home to many different cultures. It can be argued that Italy of today reflects that as well. Still, we can generally group two distinct cultures in Italy: The North and the South. Still, this is a very broad generalization, because the country has 20 regions that are distinct in their own ways. In this article, we want to discuss the differences between the cultures of Northern and Southern Italians. Still, Traveling is not the only thrill to experience. Visit Woo Casino Login page to play great games and get a chance to win while you’re traveling.

Before we discuss the differences


We must acknowledge that united Italy is a relatively new concept. Of course, thousands of years ago the entire peninsula was an integral part of the Roman empire. Still, after the fall of the empire, until very recently, Italy contained many small kingdoms, that spoke in very different dialects. Because of this factor, regional differences in Italy are very strong to this day. It’s not unusual to find Italians who call themselves Sicilians, Neapolitans, or such. The main reason for the differences between the two parts of Italy is the political influence. The south used to be influenced by Mediterranean powers (the Spanish, Arabs, Greeks). Whereas the north was usually controlled by powers of Northern Europe. Their rule heavily influenced local Italian culture. Some Italians themselves are very antagonistic of their own people from another side.

We all know that judging people by stereotypes is wrong. However, both northerners and southerners have strong stereotypes about each other. Often you’ll hear these opinions when you visit and talk to locals. In the minds of Southern Italians, the northerners are all materialistic and practical, but impersonal. On the other hand, northerners think of their southern compatriots as laid back and in extreme cases, lazy. This can be explained by the relative wealth of the two parts. Cities like Milan in the north are the biggest contributors to the economy. Whereas South seems laid back because it has a great nature, great food, and rich cultural heritage.

North of Italy always had close ties with the Swiss and other Alpine cultures. This regional closeness, as well as years of occupation from the French and Germans, have influenced the local culture. The changes are even more evident if you consider the languages spoken in the region. They are heavily influenced by the Swiss and French languages. The food is also quite different from the South. The ingredients are usually cheese and meat, whereas the South has very different cuisine. 

The Southern Italian culture is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean one. This can be attributed to similar weather and nature, as well as political influence. South of Italy was mostly controlled by Spain, Arabs, and Greeks. Still, the cultures within the South are very diverse. These people invented Pizza, and many other fantastic dishes famous today. Life in the South is much more relaxed and focused on enjoying the moment.

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