Combination plants with very safe advice

Combination plants with very safe advice

Combination betting with very safe tips, which we want to describe for you here, is a bookmaker strategy worth attention. Players who use it have both positive and negative experiences, which is just an everyday occurrence and you should be prepared for that. A great advantage here is the simplicity of use and stable development. In the short term, the success may not be strongly felt, but if you stick to these assumptions, a small increase in your finances is waiting for you, which will allow you to build up your funds and develop further in the game. You should never forget the tendencies of the game, so it is a good idea to set yourself an upper limit of funds you can lose. Exceeding it will never allow you to play sensibly and may end in tragedy. No strategy can guarantee 100% winnings, so keep this in mind when choosing the right bookmaker. In this regard we would also like to remind you that a proper analysis is already waiting for you when choosing the right company. It will allow you to identify the sites that offer the best odds as well as relevant promotions. It is therefore a good idea to review at least a few business cards to have a real idea of how companies approach their customers and which ones stand out from the competition. No betting review will give you as effective a grasp of the issue as your own experience, so never give up on that. So, before we move on to our strategy, let’s introduce the topic of registration and first deposit.

What to pay attention to when choosing a bookmaker


The issue of creating an account is just a few minutes, after which you can immediately proceed to deposit funds. Brands often additionally require account verification, but this does not rule out the possibility of depositing funds. This can be done through a variety of payment methods, which ultimately results in welcome bonuses and more. In this regard, the perfect start is always waiting for you, this deposit bonus #1: This is the first bonus you will encounter as soon as you create your account. If you plan to make a deposit, it will usually be increased by 100% up to the indicated value. This is ideal if you are planning either high stakes or want to play for as long as possible. In the case of brands, you will receive more from 400 to even 1,200 dollars. There is also a kind of extension of the welcome action – the cash top-up. It works on the same principles, although the percentages and amounts are lower here, which means that you will receive, for example, 50% up to USD 100. A great advantage of such actions is their repeatability. Usually the best bookmakers introduce them to their offer once a week or at the weekend, for example, thanks to which you can receive quite a lot of money on a monthly basis. We also do not forget about free bets. A formula extremely frequent in the case of football. Thanks to this you are able to play completely for free and without the risk of losing money. Admittedly such vouchers usually have a value of up to USD 100, however, “you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, especially since the promotion is offered relatively often, also in the form of a welcome bonus for new users. You can also add to this a partial cashback, which is a refund of a part of the lost stake, for example 50% of this value, which is also an attractive bonus for the player. Finally, we would like to mention the multi bet option, which also works well with many strategies. It can happen that depending on the number of events your coupons will be more attractive. The more you join them, the more your winnings will increase in percentage terms. This is a great diversification for those who play open cards and want to reach for as much as possible. An excellent suggestion of this type is the following clause: “The bonus amount will depend on the number of selections in the winning combo coupon according to the rule: 4 bets – +7.5% of winnings from the bet added, 5 bets – +10% of winnings from the bet added, 6 bets – +15% of winnings from the bet added, 7 bets – +20% of winnings from the bet added, 8 or more bets – +25% of winnings from the bet added.”

Combination betting with very safe tips

ball and money

So what should your match search patterns be in order for these to prove most beneficial? There are a few rules of thumb to follow. The actions described here are more tactics than strategies, so following these will be key for you. However, remember to always choose strategies and actions according to your abilities and goals. Below are the main guidelines for action:

  • Only look for matches with odds below 1.20 – ideally with guidelines between 1.05 and 1.19;
  • Search only for odds on home matches;
  • Find home matches with odds of 1.35 – 1.40 and then choose a 1X solution reducing the risk of losing. These odds are then around 1.05;
  • Do not use leagues with potential corruption charges. It may seem silly nowadays, but such concerns really do still arise;
  • It is best to choose only league matches and international matches of sufficient prestige such as the Champions League and World and USDopean Championships, where the ground of competition is the greatest;
  • Never type friendly matches.

These are the basic principles. Despite low winnings, they will be very systematic and reliable, without unnecessary stress and deviations from the match norm.

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